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姓名:Cut N Carve

雕刻蠟燭的藝術是一種傳統的德國工藝。 成品看起來像陶瓷。CANDLE ALCHEMY的創始人Sonia YUEN鍾情於雕刻蠟燭的獨特光缐和精緻的形狀,她自我硏究和掌握雕刻蠟燭的技巧和方式,加入個人元素和風格,整個過程令她感受到治癒和啟發創意的力量。她現在已將她的興趣改造成職業,並建立了一個名為Cut N Carve的品牌。實踐 Do what you love, love what you do的理想工作態度。

Cut N Carve的產品理念是永恆的美麗和環保。所有蠟燭都配有LED燈,避免產生二氧化碳,並有助保持蠟燭永恆的優雅。

"以心連作,用手塑造"是Cut N Carve的座右銘, 並努力通過蠟燭的故事/信息與客戶共鳴。

The art of carving candles is a traditional German craft. The finished pieces look like carved sculptures. The founder of CANDLE ALCHEMY, Sonia YUEN was fascincated by the luminescent beauty of the carved candles, she has mastered her candle carving skills on her own accord which she found the process from start to end much comforting and inspiring. She has now transformed her hobby into a career and has established a brand called Cut N Carve, putting "Do what you love, love what you do" into practice.

Cut N Carve's product philosophies are timeless beauty and environment protection. All candles are provided with LED lights to eliminate CO2 production and help preserve the elegant beauty of the candles of everlasting time.

They live by their motto of "One at a time, handmade with Love", and strive to resonate with their customers through the stories/messages of their candles.





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